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Do you Own or Manage a Vacation Home, Apartment,
Guest House, or Small Inn in Rincon Puerto Rico?

Property Resources is THE site to place your Rincon Puerto Rico Vacation property in the Internet.
We have been in this business for over 7 years and have a total command of our search engine placement strategy (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, etc..). We are currently experiencing an average of over 25,000 on-line visitors every month (Note that Hit Count is not an indicator for actual Visits). We ensure that your property is seen by anyone on the internet considering spending their vacation in Rincon Puerto Rico or any within Puerto Rico's Northwest Region. We also arrange to visit and photograph each and every property to ensure that it meets our customer's demanding requirements and expectations.

Let us help you market your property!

We are members of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association. We are an Authorized, Licensed and Bonded Real Estate Broker; we are members of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce; we are also registered as a lodging property owners in Rincon with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. As you can tell, we have a vested interest in promoting Rincon Puerto Rico and the entire Northwest Region!

We also own and operate the web sites,, (new), and (new).
This strategy will further solidify our Internet market presence in these areas.

In order to protect the consumer, recent ammendments to the Puerto Rico Real Estate Law (Ley 10) clarify the distinction between a vacation rental listing service, and the direct representation (sale promotions, rental promotions, rental agreements and property management) of properties. It is advantageous to you (the owner) that your property is appropriately represented by a Licensed and Bonded Real Estate Broker and avoid any possible issues of impropriety. PRwest has been earnest in the quest to be fully legal in this respect.

Also keep in mind that a Licensed and Bonded Real Estate Broker is fully authorized to represent your Interests in respect to the new Lodging Tax Law that impacts owners of all vacation rental properties.

We now have 2 Listing Services Options available to Property Owners:
Option 1:

We arrange to place still pictures of the property and surrounding areas; and include the property photos and description into our web site at ZERO COST TO YOU. You will never be asked for ANY payment for marketing costs!. The property description and pictures can remain on our site as long as you like. We handle all initial client contact, phone calls, rental agreements, send information packages and maps to your customers, and make the appropriate arrangements for the arrival of the customers to your vacation home or place of business.

A commission payment, or net/wholesale rate for your property, is required for each rental arranged through our services. You can of course continue marketing your property through other channels while maintaining the free listing service on our site.

Option 2:
We can create a custom web page for your property just as we would with the FREE service option described above, and include your phone numbers(s), email address, and a link to your present web site. This fee based service is available for owners who want to market their properties on their own without paying commissions, but wish to benefit from the huge presence PRwest Vacation Services has on the Internet for Puerto Rico. An additional feature that can be included in this option is optimizing your existing web pages for better placement in the major search engines. This Fee-Based service is available on a yearly renewable basis. Rates vary by amount of services rendered.

For details on these listing service options, please fill and submit our Request for Listing form to start the process of including your property in our method of promoting and/or renting your property.

Some Helpful Tips and Notes

Beachfront properties are the most popular rentals. Mountain properties with swimming pools come in at a close second in popularity of requests. Most of our customers are families and individuals who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city for their vacation; so if your property is outside of the metro area, it will be more popular. But we also get many requests from individuals and families who wish to vacation in, or visit, San Juan too! So do not hesitate to list your San Juan property with us!

A Vacation Home or Apartment listed through us must have all rooms fully furnished, must provide air conditioning in at least in the bedrooms, supply all linens and bedding, and must offer a full kitchen with all cooking utensils (extras are preferred). Features such as TV's with VCRs, audio equipment, laundry facilities, and scenic views from a deck or a porch are a big plus and will raise your daily and weekly rental fee. Properties must be clean, attractive, and located in popular and aesthetic neighborhoods.

We will not list a property located in what we perceive to be a 'high crime' area, or of low quality. Any such properties will be rejected after inspection.

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