Grocery Delivery Service Description

Imagine....No more hassles with hunting for a supermarket or convenience store to stock up the pantry and the fridge immediately after you arrive at your vacation or corporate rental!!

If you are one of our vacation or corporate rental customers, you can now include the convenience the delivery of groceries before you arrive at your Puerto Rico vacation rental. Each grocery package (
breakfast, lunch and snacks, sized to last 3-4 days, for approx 4 persons) will include all the essentials including, Fresh Milk (2% or Whole), Fresh Eggs, Fresh Fruits, Sandwich Bread, Water, Juices, Sandwich Meat (Ham, Bologna, Salami, etc..), Sliced Cheese, Cooking oil, Butter or Margarine, Crackers, Soft drinks, etc.. All the food essentials (see grocery list) you need to avoid a run to the local grocery store the moment you arrive at the property.

All the dairy and perishable food items supplied will be purchased fresh and included with your package the day of your arrival. A checked list containing all the items in your order will be included. Cost of the package (to be determined) will be set at a convenient price based on the number of persons in the home.

Enjoy your vacation from the moment you arrive! PRwest Grocery Delivery Service will provide all of your startup grocery needs. We will personally select, purchase and deliver all of your groceries for you before you arrive at your vacation rental property.

The Packaged Grocery agreement can include optional items such as wine, beer, champagne, child food items, and other custom food choices.

The Packaged Grocery Service will be available on a limited basis for a few select properties.

For details send email or call toll free 1-888-PRWESTV (1-888-779-3788)

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